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Tablet coating

After being produced many tablets require to be coated. In the past was popular sugar coating but now more tablets are coated with polymer, polysaccharide and alcohol based solutions which include different pigments and plasticizers.
There are many reasons for coating of tablets:
-           Suppression of unpleasant taste
-           Easy swallowing
-           Extending the expiration date of sensitive to oxygen and moisture components
-           Embossing the special characters or logo
-           Control of dissolution of ingredients in the digestive tract
To suit all its purposes coating must be resistant and prevent tablets from sticking.
There are two types of coating machines: automatic coaters and coating pans.
Coating pans are simple machines and they are mainly used for sugar coatings of round-shaped tablets and pellets.

Tianfeng coating pan

Automatic coaters are used for all kinds of coatings, including enteric coatings. They can be equipped with solution preparation system, dust collectors, air treatment units etc. The explosion-proof design is available for alcohol-based coatings.

Kwang Dah coating system

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